Mother's milk will increase all round resistance to the Baby 1

Mother's milk will increase all round resistance to the Baby 1

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I received thousands of e.mails asking me the importance of Mother's milk.  I created this blog to tell scientific facts about Mother's milk.

The God has created animals, birds, creapers, human beings etc....before creating he developed trees, plants etc..which needs to living things.  What ever nutrients, minerals, proteins, vitamins etc..they need is stored in sufficient quantity in Fruits, Vegetables, Grains etc..According to their physical structures every animal, bird, human being has to take from this nature.

Example : Goats eats only leaves ...birds eats only grain, fruits etc..human beings are supposed to eat Fuits, Vegetables, Grains etc...but majority of the  people are eating against to their structure...they are not following their life style, healthy habits, healthy food etc..due to this they are suffering from their first breeth to last breeth with different health problems.

We don't find any animal or bird or any other  suffering from various kinds of health problems.  We don't find any animal has given birth to defective child.  We don't find any animal suffering from infertility problem .  We don't find any animal delivered a child with an operation . Because they follow healthy habits, healthy life style etc.. as per their structure through out its life.  I sincerely advise  to all people to protect  your health  with Healthy food, healthy life style, healthy habits my healthy food blogs to know the contents in it.

Generally a child's body is developed with sufficient feeding of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins required from day to day before birth and upto 3 years after birth.  All parts, intelligence, resistance power will be developed upto 3years after wards it only increases the size.
Mother's milk is more sufficient upto 6moths after birth and feeding of natural food such as fruits, grains, vegetables etc..along with mother's milk upto 2 years  will develop intellegence, body parts and resistance throughout life of your child.

I don't advise anybody to feed buffelows or any other animal's  milk because its contents will not match to your child's requirement.

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