Your life style to give birth to HEALTHY CHILD

Your life style to give birth to Healthy child

The role of  a woman is important to give birth to HEALTHY and BRILLIANT child
When any woman wish to give birth to HEALTHY and BRILLIANT child she should know the importance of 1.  Air  2. Water  3. Healthy food  4. Rest  5. Excrement  6.  Exercise  and 7. Healthy Thoughts or Positive Thinking

1. Air :: We breathe in OXYGEN and breathe out CARBON  DI OXIDE.Importance of OXYGEN : Of all the chemical elements, oxygen is the most vital to the human body .  We would survive for only minutes without oxygen.  Oxygen is the life - giving, life- sustaining element.  Approximately 90% of our body's energy is created by oxygen.  Nearly all of the body's activities, from brain function to elimination, are regulated by oxygen.  The ability to think, feel and act is derived from the energy supplied by oxygen.The way to optimize health is to ensure complete cellular oxygenation.  Each of the body's trillions of cells demands oxygen for proper function.The woman wish to give birth to a HEALTHY and BRILLIANT child should take oxygen to fulfill her requirements as well as unborn child's requirements.

2. Water :It is hardly unknown that water happens to be one of the important constituents of balance diet. In order to be as right as rain, drinking water is of paramount significance. As one of the vital nutrients, it has diverse array of roles to offer. Similar to having a scheduled dietary regimen, it is important to have a planned out regimen guiding the regular intake of water.
3. Healthy food : Intending mother has to take care of her body's requirements as well as her unborn child's requirement.   She should take a balanced diet enriched with nutrients, proteins, vitamins, minerals etc... as required.  All required nutrients, proteins, vitamins, minerals etc... are available in your Healthy food.  It is very side can eat as you wish but your body absorbs as it required.
4. Rest ::Intending mother has to take rest as demanded by her body.
5. Excrement : Urine, Stool, air and sweating will take over unwanted elements from the body.  She should take such food which will have pollution free in her body.
6. Exercise : Exercise will not only regulate your body but also regulate your breath, helpful to free flow of your blood, relaxation to your body and mind........
7. Positive Thinking: Your Positive thinking always helpful to over come any kind of problem in your life and it will also develop self confidence, imagination, intelligence etc.. in your unborn child
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I wish U to have Healthy and Brilliant Child....Avoid Defective births, Criminals  etc....Have Healthy food, Healthy life give birth the child as you desire.  Please read my other blogs Profession, Defective birth etc.....This blog brought by  and


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