If U wants to conceive........6

If U wants to conceive......6

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If U wants to conceive...11
How animals conceive?
Every year about 90 million children are taking birth as Defective in this world... Even we have medical facilities, Expert doctors guidance, sophisticated Hospitals etc.....Our scientists and doctors are working very hard to avoid defective births by giving their valuable guidance to us...I am very thankful to them for their noble services. 
I observed on animals and their life style. they are taking 1. Breathing air 2. Drinking water and 3. Eating healthy food. Every animal pick their food according to its physical structure. 
I told U many times that what ever nutrients we need are stored in our food...All animals are following and giving birth to their child naturally. It is natural process of all animals including us. Due to their innocence the animals do not apply their mind and they simply follow nature. It is the secret of their life style and giving birth to Healthy child.
I advise all couples to follow nature principles to give birth to Healthy child.

If U wants to conceive...12

Wait to enjoy for your child'

Every couple wish to have Healthy child. When ever they decided to be become parents they should follow 
1. Positive thinking
2. Taking healthy food
3. Drinking sufficient water
4. Sleeping minimum of 5 hours
5. Relaxing when your body and mind are tired.
Now you can wait to enjoy with your Healthy and Brilliant child. 


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