Constipation during pregnancy.... 10

Constipation during pregnancy.... 10

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Which Mineral or nutrient can avoid Constipation?
If you take food contain  Fiber can solve your constipation problem.  Your healthy food contain fiber.
So take healthy food and live healthy.

Pregnant woman
Generally many pregnant woman faces constipation problems due to unhealthy food, some medicines.  If you observe constipation with any medicine avoid it.  Otherwise it will be a long term constipation which results to spoil your unborn child health.

My advise
1...  Drink water with empty stomach in the morning.
2...  Concentrate on your stomach and walk here and there.
3...  Whenever you feel that the stool is moving towards anus then go to Toilet.
4.. .  Eat Healthy food
5...   Drink water as your body demands
6...  Avoid Non Veg, oily foods during your pregnancy
7...  Wait to enjoy with


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