Constipation during pregnancy....2

Constipation during pregnancy....2

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Here are 4 main reasons for constipation during pregnancy:

#1: Constipation Due To Reduced Food and Water Consumption

If you suffer from extreme nausea in early pregnancy, you may struggle to eat and drink enough to move your bowels. If you vomit as well, you may become dehydrated, which can cause hard stools.

#2: Constipation Due To Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes which occur in your body later in pregnancy can relax some muscles, including the ones which squeeze food along the digestive tract. This can prevent foods from moving along the bowels easily, especially if your diet is low in fibre and water. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter constipation relievers have aspartame (artificial sweetener) and other nasties in them, which are best avoided when pregnant.

#3: Constipation Due To Diet

It's important to understand that refined flour products such as pasta, bread, cakes and pastries, or refined white rice, have lost most or all of their fibre. Just like when you remove the skin from an apple, it takes away much of the goodness and you feel less full.
Refined flour products don't move through the digestive tract very easily. Refined foods cause constipation by absorbing any liquid that you drink, and creating a plaster-like substance which makes your bowels become stretched. It can exacerbate the issues when you have hormonal changes on top of that.

#4: Constipation Due To Iron Supplements

Iron supplements are also a common cause of constipation in pregnancy. Normal iron supplements do not absorb well in the digestion process, and very little iron makes it's way into the bloodstream. Much of it is left in the intestines.
The leftover iron binds with other undigested substances to become sticky and tar like, and does not move well out of the bowel. Iron supplements are unnecessary as long as the diet is adequate for pregnancy.
If you are unable to get enough iron in your diet, there are herbal extracts to supplement your iron intake which do not cause constipation. Adjusting your diet and ceasing the iron supplements will bring fairly quick relief from constipation.
Iron is obtained through consuming fresh greens, from meats, from nutritional supplements such as molasses and nutritional yeast, and if you still need an extra boost you can take a herbal extract for iron. Speak to a nutritionist if you would like help to improve the amount of iron in your diet.


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