Pre Pregnancy II

Pre Pregnancy II

Tips to improve chances of getting pregnant
  • Cut out caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.
  • Stop over exercising.
  • Achieve your ideal weight.
  • Reduce stress and depression.
  • Discontinue using birth control pills. Stop taking them at least one full cycle before you start trying to conceive. Time intercourse.
  • Optimize nutrition intake through a balanced diet.
  • Consume a diet rich in folic acid.
  • Begin making healthy changes 3 months to a year before you conceive.
  • In addition to a healthy diet, encourage supplements to increase the probability that you get all the nutrients you need.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners.
For example: Count the number of days between day 1 of one period and day 1 of the next period.

In this example, the shortest cycle is 27 days and the longest is 31 days. Subtract 18 from 27 to get the first unsafe day—that is day 9. Subtract 11 from 31 to get day 20 as the last unsafe day. Hence, days 9–20 are the fertile time
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