Pre Pregnancy III

Pre Pregnancy III

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Cervical mucusCervical mucus (one of the vaginal discharges) plays a vital role in fertilization of the egg and also helps to estimate the fertile time. The consistency of cervical mucus changes during the Menstral cycle. Mucous changes are recorded on a chart, and previous cycles are used as guides.
The mucous in the first phase is generally white, creamy and sticky which indicates low fertility. Later the mucous becomes wetter and more plentiful. Right before Ovulation the mucous changes into a thinner and slicker consistency, which indicates high fertility.

Basal body temperatureKeeping a record of your basal body temperature also helps you to estimate your fertile time. Measure your temperature with a thermometer every morning immediately upon waking and before any activity. This gives your basal body temperature (BBT).

Note the temperature on a graph paper to see the rise and fall of body temperature. Just before the ovulation, the temperature drops briefly.
Within 12 h of Ovulation the BBT increases several tenths of a degree and remains high until the next menstrual period. When your temperature remains high for 3 consecutive days, the fertile period is over.

Cervical observationDuring the course of your Menstrual cycle the position of your Cervix (narrow outer end of uterus) changes. In the first few days after menstruation, your Cervix is fairly low and firm. The Cervix begins to move up, become more soft, wet, and open, when the wet cervical fluid begins to secrete. Your Cervix is most open and is at its highest point during the process of Ovulation After ovulation, the Cervix returns to the firm, low, and closed position.
Other indicative signs of fertile time
Apart from the changes mentioned above, other physical changes include:
  • Cramps in the lower abdomen.
  • Tender breasts.
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