Nutrients required to give birth to HEALTHY CHILD 1

Nutrients required to give birth to Healthy child

The body requires different amounts of each vitamin and mineral because each has a different function. People have different requirements according to their age, sex, level of activity and state of health. Eggs contain some of most of the recognised vitamins and minerals that help to maintain essential bodily functions.

Vitamin D

In particular, eggs and specifically egg yolks, are one of the few naturally occurring, significant dietary sources of vitamin D, alongside oily fish, liver and meat.  It is now recognised that vitamin D is not only important for bone health, but has other key roles in modulating immune and neuromuscular function and inflammation . There is a raft of emerging evidence from both animal and epidemiological studies suggesting that vitamin D status may influence cell ageing and that vitamin D is involved in the aetiology of various chronic disorders, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers and multiple sclerosis , although the evidence is not as yet conclusive .
Sub-optimal vitamin D status is evident to some degree in most age groups in the UK, but there is currently no consensus on the appropriate range of blood vitamin D levels for maintenance of optimal health .  Skin synthesis of vitamin D following exposure to sunlight remains the most important source of vitamin D for most people, but excessive sun exposure is considered to be the cause of most cases of skin cancer, especially of melanoma, the most rapidly increasing type of skin cancer in the UK, and there has been considerable emphasis on skin protection. Consequently there is increased focus on the importance of dietary and supplemental sources of vitamin D, especially for individuals with low sun exposure.


There is also evidence that other substances found in eggs that are not classified as nutrients - the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin - might be involved in the prevention of cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a major cause of blindness in elderly people, although this is the subject of continuing debate .


Eggs are also rich in choline, an essential component of all cells. There is no RNI for choline in the UK, but on the basis of emerging evidence, the US Institute of Medicine has set Adequate Intake (AI) recommendations for choline, with the caveat that it may not be a dietary essential at all stage in the lifecycle.
Like folate and some other B vitamins, choline provides methyl groups for intermediary metabolism. Choline is essential to the integrity and function of cell membranes and animal studies suggest that it has a role in normal development of the brain and of memory . On this basis, it has been suggested that choline may be particularly important for women of child-bearing age . On the other hand, there is evidence that oestrogen may induce the endogenous synthesis of choline, suggesting that men and postmenopausal women may be more sensitive to choline depletion. Therefore the US Institute of Medicine have set an AI of  550mg per day for men and  425mg/day for  women. Genetic variations in folate metabolism also appear to influence susceptibility to choline depletion .
Recent research suggests that a lack of choline may influence breast cancer risk. In a case-control study of more than 3,000 adult women, risks of developing breast cancer were observed to be lowest among those with the highest choline intakes, most of which was derived from coffee, skimmed milk and eggs. Higher choline intakes were also shown to be associated with lower all cause and breast cancer-specific mortality rates.

The three tables below indicate the more recognised nutrients found in eggs and their benefits.

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