Causes of Female Infertility ..10

Causes of Female Infertility ..10

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20....  Poor Quality Eggs
Poor egg quality may lead to infertility and repeated miscarriages due to one of these reasons:
Egg does not implant into the uterine wall after fertilisation
Egg implants but cannot grow due to insufficient energy
With increased age of the mother, the age of the eggs also increases and leads to abnormal chromosomes. Children born may have genetic abnormalities, like Down's syndrome.
This may also be a reason why certain fertility treatments, such as IVF and IUI, are repeatedly unsuccessful in older woman.
In my previous we discussed about eggs quality etc..It is clear It egg quality is not good the woman faces failures in any type of treatments i.e IVF or IUL or Surrogacy or other...Egg quality is depend on your food and life style..If you follow Healthy habits you can conceive without problems...

I explained various causes for Female Infertility out of which The problem NO UTERUS by birth cannot be Solved. It is the mistake of their parents who doesn't have Positive thinking. For example....If you are constructing a building you will think where to purchase plot or flat, the facilities for your children education, hospitals etc...likewise you should take proper care mentally to give birth to Healthy child it is called Positive thinking. The couple should practice positive thoughts for at least 3 months before conceiving so as to avoid defective child birth.
Your food and life style plays an important role to give birth to the Child. Every animal is following this principle and giving birth to their child..It is the principle of God to create Beautiful world with Healthy and Brilliant children....Please follow natures principle and give birth to Healthy and Brilliant child

My Advise

1.  If you crossed fertility age then you can choose Donor eggs
2.  The Donor must be below 30 years and healthy in all respects.  
3.  Even if you opt for Donor eggs you should take healthy food, and follow healthy habits for at least 3 months before taking donor eggs
4.  You should be positive 
5.  Your life partner should adopt Healthy habits so that he will have Healthy Sperm
6.   Drink Water as needed.  Water is the powerful nutrient to keep your uterus Healthy.
7.   Now wait to enjoy with


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