Causes of Female Infertility ..4

Causes of Female Infertility ..4

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Infection 2
How animals deals with Infections:::Humans are constantly at war with disease. We lob antibiotic missiles at bacteria and toss vaccine-shaped grenades at viruses. We drop bombs made of antibacterial soap and hand sanitiser on everything we can. The battle between humans and parasites (an umbrella term that includes viruses, bacteria and much larger creatures that thrive on a host) has ancient roots, and exert as strong a force on evolution as predators, drought or famine.
When any animal feels that they could be attacked with Infection they follow natural method to protect themselves.. 
It makes a great deal of sense, then, that animals would have evolved mechanisms for protecting themselves from infection and illness long before we could simply swallow a few pills. We will not observe our body changes and we will not follow what our body require to cure itself. The God has given resistance power to resist any kind of Infections if we follow healthy food, healthy life style etc.....I advise every one to develop internal resistance of your body to fight with any infections

7....   Abdominal Diseases 
The most common of these are appendicitis and colitis, causing inflammation of the abdominal cavity which can affect the 
fallopian tubes and lead to scarring and blockage.
The God created our body to clean every part if we follow Healthy food, healthy life style etc...Some unwanted or bacteria entered in our body with Air, Water and Food. These may cause pollution in our body body due to which we may attack health problems or infections. Our healthy food contain fiber to clean all unwanted things..Generally Abdominal diseases will cause when unwanted bacteria is not cleaned. When you don't take fiber food your body will not be cleaned due to the reason you may face abdominal diseases...I advise every one to take fiber food to clean all pollution in your body

8....    Previous Surgeries 
This is an important cause of tubal disease and damage. Pelvic or abdominal surgery can result in adhesions that alter the 
tubes in such a way that eggs cannot travel through them.
I advise every one to protect your health so that you can avoid surgeries....If you take care from your child hood surgeries will not take place


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