Causes of Female Infertility ..3

Causes of Female Infertility ..3

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4.....Follicle Problems 
Although currently unexplained, "unruptured follicle syndrome" occurs in women who produce a normal follicle, with an egg 
inside of it, every month yet the follicle fails to rupture. The egg, therefore, remains inside the ovary and proper ovulation 
does not occur.
God has created WOMAN to create us..He created her to give birth to the child by following Healthy food, Healthy life style etc..Therefore Woman is the most important in creation. I advise every woman to follow Healthy food, Healthy life style etc..We cannot imagine the world without U

5.....Causes of Poorly Functioning Fallopian Tubes
Tubal disease affects approximately 25% of infertile couples and varies widely, ranging from mild adhesions to complete tubal blockage. Treatment for tubal disease is most commonly surgery and, owing to the advances in microsurgery and lasers, success rates (defined as the number of women who become pregnant within one year of surgery) are as high as 30% overall, 
with certain procedures having success rates up to 65%. The main causes of tubal damage include: We will know detail in coming articles

6......Causes of Poorly Functioning Fallopian Tubes..
1) Infection 
Caused by both bacteria and viruses and usually transmitted sexually, these infections commonly cause inflammation 
resulting in scarring and damage. A specific example is Hydrosalpnix, a condition in which the fallopian tube is occluded at 
both ends and fluid collects in the tube.
When our body resistance is less to fight with bacteria and viruses they thy may attack on our body. If we develop our body resistance we will not face with any Infection... Generally our body resistance will be decreased due to Unhealthy food, Unhealthy life style etc...Follow Healthy habits to make your body more resistance to fight with any kind of bacteria and viruses...


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