Causes of Female Infertility ..7

Causes of Female Infertility ..7

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14....   Environmental and Occupational Factors
The ability to conceive may be affected by exposure to various toxins or chemicals in the workplace or the surrounding environment. Substances that can cause mutations, birth defects, abortions, infertility or sterility are called reproductive toxins. Disorders of infertility, reproduction, spontaneous abortion, and teratogenesis are among the top ten work-related diseases and injuries in the U.S. today. Despite the fact that considerable controversy exists regarding the impacts of toxins on fertility, four chemicals are now being regulated based on their documented infringements on conception.
Exposure to lead sources has been proven to negatively impact fertility in humans. Lead can produce teratospermias (abnormal sperm) and is thought to be an abortifacient, or substance that causes artificial abortion.
Medical Treatments and Materials
Repeated exposure to radiation, ranging from simple x-rays to chemotherapy, has been shown to alter sperm production, as well as contribute to a wide array of ovarian problems. 
Ethylene Oxide
A chemical used both in the sterilization of surgical instruments and in the manufacturing of certain pesticides, ethylene oxide may cause birth defects in early pregnancy and has the potential to provoke early miscarriage. 
Dibromochloropropane (DBCP)
Handling the chemicals found in pesticides, such as DBCP, can cause ovarian problems, leading to a variety of health conditions, like early menopause, that may directly impact fertility.
Chemical expore areas should be avoided when couple wants to give birth to a child..If you are residing in such areas I advise you to shift your residence where you feel happy 

15..... Every woman born with 100% fertility and diminishes to 0%
Female fertility diminishes 100% to 0% according to Age
Female fertility 100% and 0% Every female will take birth with 100% fertility and diminish its chances to 0% according to the Age. The following chart will tell you about how her fertility diminish to Zero. Your age and health conditions may prevent your Pregnancy. Today many couple are suffering with Infertility Problem and are running about Various Infertility or Surrogacy Hospitals but they are unable to find the inert property of their body. Every couple wish to have Healthy and Brilliant child and dreams that their would be child as Doctor or Engineer or Chartered Accountant or any respectable profession. If the child is not as per their expectation they will be sad till the end of their life. I researched on it and created blogs. I advice all not to prolong for may diminish your chances according to your age and health conditions. Every one can solve their infertility problems with their Healthy food, Healthy life style know the contents of your food visit Please read my blogs and give birth to Healthy child 


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