Causes of Female Infertility ..8

Causes of Female Infertility ..8

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16....  Individuals vs. Populations
Every individual and couple is unique and could be more fertile or less fertile as compared to the average for their age. Some 30 year old already have significant egg quality and/or quantity issues and some 43 year old are still fertile.
There are also no guarantees that an individual woman will have a smooth drop in her fertility potential as she ages. Although rare, it is possible to have a rapid decline in egg quantity and quality as early as the teens or twenties.
I have seen many woman who have given birth to Healthy child even after 50 years because from their childhood they followed healthy habits..Now I am seeing the woman at the age 25 years is suffering from Infertility because of her unhealthy habits..So I advise every woman to follow healthy habits and free from Infertility

17....  Female Age - Egg Issues
Successful pregnancy outcome is very much related to female age - when using the woman's own eggs.When donor eggs are being used, the age of the egg donor is the important issue.With egg donation, the age of the recipient woman has very little impact on the chance for successful pregnancy.Therefore, the age of the egg is very important, but the age of the uterus is not. Much of the problem is due to an increased percentage of chromosomally abnormal eggs with aging
As your age is advanced the quality and the egg contents will be decreased so that the child may be abnormal. From the beginning I am telling you that you should not prolong or postpone for your pregnancy.


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