Cause of birth of Mentally retarded child...1

Cause of birth of Mentally retarded child...1

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1.  Cause Mentally retarded
What Causes Mental Retardation? If your child has an intellectual disability (ID), their brain doesn't develop properly. Their brain may also not function within the normal range of both intellectual and adaptive functioning. In the past, medical professionals called this condition “mental retardation.
One well-recognized cause of birth defects is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), which is strongly linked to mental retardation and results from the mother's drinking alcohol during pregnancy. FAS is recognized by Congress as the most common known cause of mental retardation.

2.  What are the main causes of intellectual disability?
Genetic conditions. These include things like Down syndrome and fragile X syndrome. Problems during pregnancy. Things that can interfere with fetal brain development include alcohol or drug use, malnutrition, certain infections, or preeclampsia.
I have seen in many families all are Brilliant but only one Mentally retarded and all are mentally retarded but only one is Brilliant.  In some families some are mentally retarded and other are brilliant.  I inquired about there forefathers, their parents either side of Couple.  I inquired also upto 4 generations...They replied NO.  This is the reason I don't accept Genetic condition.
One more thing I wish to tell U that our body cells will change in fixed time and new cells will develop..  For example:  Our taste cells or buds will change 10  days.  If you want to leave any food Item you have to control for 10 days then you can leave any food item you wish.  Our body consists of various cells when there life ends fresh cells develops..Minimum cell life is 10 days and maximum cell life  is 9 months for bones.   We consists of various cells.
The child birth is caused when the couple  have sex.   At this stage they must be Physically and Mentally healthy.  They should not talk or discuss or imagine about mentally retarded during the Sex...  Our body acts according to our Brain.  Suppose If you wants to eat Sweets. ..This thought come from your mind and your body will search for Sweet shop.
So positive thoughts always helpful to have a brilliant child


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