Thyroid Causes irregular periods which results to Infertility in woman.....3

Thyroid Causes irregular periods which results to Infertility in woman.....3

The following list of symptoms are those that may be present prior to treatment; hypothyroid patients on appropriate treatment should no longer be symptomatic. If symptoms persist, they likely have causes other than hypothyroidism.
General symptoms — Thyroid hormone normally stimulates the metabolism, and most of the symptoms of hypothyroidism reflect slowing of metabolic processes. General symptoms may include fatigue, sluggishness, slight weight gain, and intolerance of cold temperatures.
Skin — Hypothyroidism can decrease sweating. The skin may become dry and thick. The hair may become coarse or thin, eyebrows may disappear, and nails may become brittle.
Eyes — Hypothyroidism can lead to mild swelling around the eyes. People who develop hypothyroidism after treatment for Graves' disease may retain some of the eye symptoms of Graves' disease, including protrusion of the eyes, the appearance of staring, and impaired movement of the eyes. (See "Patient education: Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) (Beyond the Basics)".)
Cardiovascular system — Hypothyroidism slows the heart rate and weakens the heart's contractions, decreasing its overall function. Related symptoms may include fatigue and shortness of breath with exercise. These symptoms may be more severe in people who also have heart disease. In addition, hypothyroidism can cause mild high blood pressure and raise blood levels of cholesterol.


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