Cause of birth of Mentally retarded child...6

Cause of birth of Mentally retarded child...6

Brought to U....      and

10... You can enjoy with your Healthy child

There are many scientific causes for mentally retarded child birth but If you take proper precautions You can have a Healthy and Brilliant child.  I wish it.

Please follow 
1.   Develop Positive Thoughts ::Before conceiving you should develop positive thoughts.
2.   Avoid Sentiment pictures/TV serials.
3.   Avoid to read sad news or stories or TV serials ....
4.   Spend your Time with your Life Partner
5.   Avoid Criminal or horror pictures or tv serials

1.   Your  bed room more attractive
2.   Put any scenes or pictures your mind relaxes in your Bed room

3.   Always keep your mind healthy

1.   Eat Healthy food
2.   Avoid spicy oily etc..foods
3    Select the food which will digest in minimum time and gives you energy needed for you.
4.   Avoid unwanted/untimely food

Wait to enjoy with your


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