Thyroid Causes irregular periods which results to Infertility in woman.....5

Thyroid Causes irregular periods which results to Infertility in woman.....5

Pregnancy — Women often need higher doses of T4 during pregnancy. Testing is usually recommended every four weeks, beginning after conception, until levels are stable, then once each trimester. After delivery, the woman's dose of T4 will need to be adjusted again, usually returning to the pre-pregnancy dose.
Surgery — Hypothyroidism can increase the risk of certain surgery-related complications; bowel function may be slow to recover, and infection may be overlooked if there is no fever. If preoperative blood tests reveal low thyroid hormone levels, nonemergency surgery is usually postponed until treatment has returned T4 levels to normal.
10... My opinion
1. Without thyroid every woman will lost various nutrients in monthly periods. The parents should take care and provide healthy food to regain nutrients.
2. When woman is suffering from thyroid some more nutrients will be lost. Due to it the woman may face various problems at the time of conceiving as number of nutrients lost which results to abortion, defective births etc..
3. Our body has the property to regain to its original position provided you follow healthy habits.
4. Don't plan for pregnancy until your thyroid problem is cured.
5. Follow healthy habits and test your thyroid frequently so that you will know the benefits of healthy habits.
Your healthy habits will cure your thyroid problem and you can enjoy with your healthy child.


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