Effect of Tea or Coffee on U......5

Effect of Tea or Coffee on U......5

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11..............Adverse effects of Tea 3
3. Disturbed stomach:
As said earlier, black tea contains caffeine; so, once these elements reach your stomach, it causes your stomach to produce various acidic substances, which are not easy for your body to absorb. Thus, your stomach starts feeling uneasy or uncomfortable. What’s more, if you’re a patient suffering from stomach ulcer or cancer, black tea is a strict no
12..............Adverse effects of Tea 4
4. Cardiovascular diseases:
Black tea is highly restricted for patients recovering from heart attacks or acute cardiovascular disorders – paroxysmal tachycardia or cardiac asthma being the most common of them all. Caffeine is highly prohibited or undesirable for your cardiovascular system . It is also contradicted for people with gastritis or gastric ulcers – both takes place due to increased acidity.
13..............Adverse effects of Tea 5
5. Other health hazards:
According to health professionals, pregnant women should not drink more than two cups of black tea in a day. Since black tea is loaded with caffeine, it increases the hazards of miscarriage (5). This high caffeine content can also have a negative effect on people with cardiovascular disorders, glaucoma, high blood pressure and anxiety disorders. In comparison to other types of teas, black tea is loaded with the maximum caffeine content and is possibly due to the way it’s processed.
These are the black tea benefits and side effects. Hope the article was informative. So, please keep in mind the dark side of black tea the next time you crave for a black tea. However, limited consumption of black tea provides a lot of benefits
I advise not more than one cup containing 75 ml for the couples trying for a child I found some other health problems in couples which may cause of defective birth of a child.


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