Thyroid Causes irregular periods which results to Infertility in woman.....4

Thyroid Causes irregular periods which results to Infertility in woman.....4

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Respiratory system — Hypothyroidism weakens the respiratory muscles and decreases lung function. Symptoms can include fatigue, shortness of breath with exercise, and decreased ability to exercise. Hypothyroidism can also lead to swelling of the tongue, hoarse voice, and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition in which there is intermittent blockage of the airway while sleeping, causing fitful sleep and daytime sleepiness. 
Gastrointestinal system — Hypothyroidism slows the actions of the digestive tract, causing constipation. Rarely, the digestive tract may stop moving entirely. 
Reproductive system — Women with hypothyroidism often have menstrual cycle irregularities, ranging from absent or infrequent periods to very frequent and heavy periods. The menstrual irregularities can make it difficult to become pregnant, and pregnant women with hypothyroidism have an increased risk for miscarriage during early pregnancy. Treatment of hypothyroidism can decrease these risks. (See "Patient education: Absent or irregular periods and "Patient education: Heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia) 
Myxedema coma — In people with severe hypothyroidism, trauma, infection, exposure to the cold, and certain medications can rarely trigger a life-threatening condition called myxedema coma, which causes a loss of consciousness and hypothermia (low body temperature).


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